He used to be a computer geek, but that ended long ago. Today, he simply wants the equipment to work properly and the operating system to cause no problems. As a result, he is a fan of Apple. He was a passionate motorcyclist for many years, both professionally and as a hobby. He has dealt with graphic design as an amateur ever since he can remember. His first computer had Corel Draw 4 installed; he later replaced it with Photo Impact 3, which he found attached to a magazine. When he started trying to do professional retouch, he had to learn everything from scratch anyway. He has always wanted to make photorealistic illustrations, but his painting skills and talent are sufficient to draw a rectangle. Well, maybe he would have learned more if he had proceeded from rectangles to cubes, but he began with photorealistic faces instead. He nearly bought his first camera around 2008. Nearly, because he kept analyzing his choice for so long that he ended up viewing hundreds of Internet auctions, reading all the available camera tests and… deciding to give up the whole matter. 
In the middle of 2009 he finally bought Nikon D60 (which he replaced with something else very soon), in the middle of 2010 he took his first photo shoot and in the middle of 2011 he concluded that it was a lot better than photorealistic illustrations. He decided that fashion shots and beauty shots were his direction to pursue. He finally gave up everything in order to deal only with photography and related activities – one of them is the website you are currently visiting. He is completely uninterested in architecture, portrait, wedding, automotive industry, macro or product photography. Towards the end of 2013 he moved to Asia and has lived there until now. He is not planning to settle down in Poland again. 
He cannot touch anything that records films; he is even afraid to turn on the filming mode in his phone. He would end up spending hundreds of hours reading about filming, dozens of hours making films and some more hours doing montage. Well, he would probably end up with nothing anyway because in order to make films that he would appreciate, one needs a lot of people and enormous budgets. His pal once put a camera in his hand and said, “Take a photo of me, will you?” You can see for yourselves where it has led…Moreover, his motto is that one should have goals in life instead of dreams. He has consequently been striving to achieve his own goals – and when it comes to photography, he has really set a lot of them for himself.